marion mountain.

  I haven’t been camping since I was a child, and I haven’t been camping in a tent since I was a toddler. My parents’ favorite story to tell is the time the five of us crammed into a too-tiny tent and five minutes after lights out I started gagging on a penny I had […]

murphy ranch, pt 2.

My words are being all used up in other places. For now, enjoy some photographs. A hike down to an abandoned nazi ranch. A bright spring day. A collection of graffiti. A world within a world… photographs taken at Murphy Ranch in Los Angeles, California

memorial day.

I’ve been sick and traveling and now I’m still sick but finally stationary and jet-lagged, the kind that wakes you up out of the blue at 5 in the morning, the kind that sends you to bed before 10. It felt good to get to California. S pointed out the plane’s window and I leaned […]

twenty-three weeks gone.

We drive past Glencoe on the way up to Loch Ness. It’s a beautiful day, sunny and almost warm, but the mountains are shrouded in a stubborn layer of grey mist. They say the mist of Glencoe is really the ghosts of the slaughtered MacDonalds, Peter says, in the practiced tone of all tour guides. It’s […]

the last of the sun.

Early Sunday morning, the Santa Monica pier is almost deserted. A few old fishermen sit bored by their poles; a small family takes photos against a backdrop of blue. S spots a sea lion that disappears the moment I try and take its photograph. I compromise with close up glamour shots of fat gulls, birds […]

a new year.

  I spent Christmas Day on three airplanes and in three airports. When I finally got to Los Angeles it was dark and I’d been up for almost two days straight. We made it to S’s apartment at one in the morning and I woke up at five, somehow jet lagged and wide awake simultaneously. […]