new new york.

An impromptu trip to New York in June (it feels like this summer is nothing except one impromptu trip to the East Coast) to visit my farthest-away niece. Family photographs and familiar places made unfamiliar with the passing of time. New museums and old museums in the span of a few quick days. At the […]


S and I leave in a few hours for a camping trip in the Marion Mountains. We bought special socks for an eleven-mile hike in Mount San Jacinto. You have to take the Palm Springs aerial tramway to get there. I’ve been on it before and I took pictures the whole way up to distract […]

a home in art.

What I miss most are the museums. I spoke to a friend the other day about moving to Los Angeles. She said— I didn’t have anybody but I had a place. I went to the museum almost every day. I sometimes didn’t even look at the art. I just needed somewhere to go and I needed […]

the first sentence.

  I lived in New York for four years and never really fell in love with it. There are parts I love, sure, like the Bethesda Fountain and the three archways under the terrace in Central Park. The Audubon Center in Prospect Park. The Green-Wood Cemetery. And there are streets I love, blocks I love, […]

photo story/ coffee shop.

I took this photo the second summer I lived in New York. I’d just picked up my film camera again after many many years of neglect. I had basically no idea how to use it, aside for being able to read a light meter. This is still one of my favorite photographs from the four […]

hindsight, curtains.

Everybody here wants to know what New York is like. New York has a mythicism that only gets stronger the farther away you get from it. I felt it growing up in Connecticut and you feel it, maybe, no matter where you are. Even the name of it holds something heavy, something important. People go […]

photo story/ a couch in midtown.

  Amanda and I spilled an entire bottle of wine in our apartment and I remembered somebody on our street had put an old leather loveseat on the side of the road. I gave a dollar to a homeless man to get him to leave. In retrospect, I’m glad the couch didn’t have bedbugs. November […]