old friends.

I forgot how nice it is to know someone for so long that you can’t really remember a time you didn’t know them. My ninth birthday party, on video, me with hair so long it reached my butt, perpetually uncombed and snarled and hers matching in every respect except for how much darker it was.┬áConstantly […]

point dume.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles just short of six months and it still feels like some impermanent, fluctuating span of time. Like a vacation, almost, but one where you still have to work and you still have to pay your bills and you still have to fill your car up with gas. I don’t know […]

first times.

The first time I ever did laundry, I forgot to put soap in. I realized this when I took the clothes out and they were soaking wet but still dirty. I asked my mom if I had to run them through again and she said yes. I thought maybe the water was enough. The first […]

tropical terrace.

We wake up early and dress quickly, stopping for something to eat before heading north on the PCH towards Malibu. The night before I’d googled hikes in LA and picked this one for its payoff: the ruins of Tropical Terrace, a mansion that burned down in Solstice Canyon in 1982. Now it’s preserved as a […]

trees in escondido.

On my birthday we got up early, ate brunch and drove to Malibu and Escondido Canyon Park. The Yelp reviews for the hike were misleading; I wore a summer dress and boots for what would end up being, at the end, a near-verticle assent to a dried up, disappointing waterfall. But we didn’t stop, not […]