lost roll.

The happiest accident in the world is misplacing a roll of film and finding it two and a half years later. A first trip to London. A first trip to Joshua Tree. A first trip to Ojai. A world in black and white and light leaks. A roll devoid of another human, so it looks a little bit […]

in the desert, part three.

  When the sun goes down, the desert is instantly freezing. The wind pushes against our faces. I wrap my head in a scarf and we watch the sunset while pressed against the side of a cliff. There are only so many days left in the year. Those numbers changing over always feel like such […]

in the desert, part one.

It’s been a year exactly since the last time I made the drive to Joshua Tree. S and I  plan to leave early on the day after Christmas, but it’s nearly ten by the time we drag ourselves out of the apartment, stopping for coffee and a picnic lunch before starting  east on our two plus hour […]

big trees; blue skies.

The first thing about Joshua Tree is how big it is and the second is how remote it feels—like you’re days away from civilization and not just an hour’s drive from Palm Springs. Amanda and I got up early, ate yogurt and granola in the hotel restaurant (It used to be a Denny’s, she said) […]