faerie glen.

Almost two years ago, my trip to the Scottish Highlands was bookended by visits to the Faerie Glen, a tiny little set of hills and small lakes that is often forgone in favor of flashier scenery. But this was a place my travel partner and makeshift tour guide had been before and fallen in love […]

the quiraing.

The other week I wrote about impossible places and listed the Quiraing among them. That night I had a dream I flew back to Scotland. I landed in the grey and green streets of Edinburgh. I met a friend for tea. I’ve been back in the states just over two months. My time has been filled […]

the impossible places.

There is something about the Golden Gate bridge that could never possibly get old. There is the feeling, when you’re looking at it, that you could keep on looking at it forever. I thought I might have that same sensation when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time—and I did. And again when […]

thirty-two weeks gone.

This is the last time I’ll write one of these. In five days I leave Scotland for the next big thing, the next weird adventure. I’m not quite ready to announce what that is, but in some ways it’s safer than coming here and in other ways it’s a whole new set of risks and […]

photo story/ a heart in faerie glen.

According to legend, this place was once a home to faeries. Nowadays, more superstitious folk make rings to try and coax them out again. Or, if you’re both romantic AND superstitious, you make a faerie heart. February 16, 2013, A Heart in Faerie Glen taken with a Canon 60D and 24-105mm  f/4 lens ISO 640, 28mm, […]

twenty-one weeks gone.

Saturday morning I wake up early, take the train from Edinburgh to Stirling, from Stirling to Perth. C meets me in the parking lot of the train station. Our rental car is sky blue; we manage to get lost almost immediately. The drive to the Isle of Skye takes five hours. It is grey the […]

photo story/ a sheep in skye.

  I took a lot of photographs of castles yesterday, a lot of photographs of mountains shrouded in mist, a lot of photographs of idyllic, reflective lochs… but when this guy raised his head and looked directly into my camera lens: all those other shots were forgotten. Look at this face. February 16, 2013, A […]