lost roll.

The happiest accident in the world is misplacing a roll of film and finding it two and a half years later. A first trip to London. A first trip to Joshua Tree. A first trip to Ojai. A world in black and white and light leaks. A roll devoid of another human, so it looks a little bit […]


I wake up from a strange dream. There’s a mattress covered in blood, and I check my own bed to make sure I wasn’t murdered in my sleep. In the dream, an old woman was stabbed. For three nights she had hallucinations, black ermines wrapped around her throat, clawing her skin. I was the only […]

the quiraing.

The other week I wrote about impossible places and listed the Quiraing among them. That night I had a dream I flew back to Scotland. I landed in the grey and green streets of Edinburgh. I met a friend for tea. I’ve been back in the states just over two months. My time has been filled […]

twenty-five weeks gone.

My brain’s been filled up with the Steubenville case, with a brief reprieve to allow for the sentencing of the Ohio school shooter from last year. We know his name, his face, and the words he spoke to the families of the victims. I won’t repeat any of those things here. Those things—unnecessary public knowledge […]

these three things/ big ben in black and white.

(Extra: see the latest issue of Sister Magazine for one of my old New York film photographs. They’re doing some lovely things over there.) photographs taken with a Canon 60D of Big Ben in London, England.