I wake up from a strange dream. There’s a mattress covered in blood, and I check my own bed to make sure I wasn’t murdered in my sleep. In the dream, an old woman was stabbed. For three nights she had hallucinations, black ermines wrapped around her throat, clawing her skin. I was the only […]

on remembering.

I don’t have a good memory. I mean—it doesn’t behave. But maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Maybe that’s typical of everyone’s memory. We forget the important moments. We forget the things we want to remember. We remember the things we’d give anything—anything—to forget. We remember the things we would scoop out of our brains […]

engendering horror.

Given the outlandish quality of some hypnopompic images, their often terrifying emotional resonance, and perhaps the heightened suggestibility that may go with such states, it is very understandable that hypnopompic visions of angels and devils may not engender only wonder or horror but belief in their physical reality. Indeed, one must wonder to what degree […]