three times.

When my mother was younger, she was in a tornado. The thing picked up her car and spun it around and left it upside-down and crushed inward. Or something. Every time she tells the story, some small details change. It’s become a thing uncertain in my mind (and maybe a thing uncertain in her mind, […]

point dume.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles just short of six months and it still feels like some impermanent, fluctuating span of time. Like a vacation, almost, but one where you still have to work and you still have to pay your bills and you still have to fill your car up with gas. I don’t know […]

big basin, part one.

I am the most at home among trees. I grew up around a lot of land. My father builds houses and we moved frequently but always to a new home with lots and lots of space around us. We’ve lived on wetlands and we’ve lived on the border of state forests and we’ve lived in […]