spain in black and white.

I find the rolls of film in a desk drawer. I’ve been moving around a lot- New York to Connecticut to Scotland to Los Angeles- and things are resurfacing. Lost things are being found. Two rolls of black and white film. I think they’re both from Edinburgh and so I’m not in a rush to […]

photo story/ the virgin of montserrat.

The line was long and the corridors were winding and cramped and small, emerging every once in a while into a space big enough to breathe in. There were just enough of these to avoid the creeping sense of claustrophobia caused by the tight spaces and the sheer number of bodies filing ever forward. The […]

spain; fragments.

The disappointing botanical gardens where we sat and talked about the sort of people we were going to be one day. Parc Guell, where it was so hot and we were so tired that I think I fell asleep still talking, eyes open, standing up. I read The Virgin Suicides on the plane there and […]