8171678461_d1298bcbf1_zS and I leave in a few hours for a camping trip in the Marion Mountains. We bought special socks for an eleven-mile hike in Mount San Jacinto. You have to take the Palm Springs aerial tramway to get there. I’ve been on it before and I took pictures the whole way up to distract myself from the feeling like the floor might open up underneath my feet.

We’ve been recording songs and last week had our first official practice for our first official show, November 1st in LA. I feel nervous in waves, the hardest hitting ones leave me wondering what exactly it is I think I’m doing.

I’ve been in a writing slump I’m not worried about. It’s easy to feel like the inspiration might never come back, but it’s also foolish. I’ve worked hard for months and months, I get burned out, and I’m allowed to play guitar for hours or edit photographs until midnight or listen to old Damien Rice albums in preparation for new Damien Rice albums. I remind myself of this when I feel like I’m not doing enough. I remind myself of this when I still can’t figure out what sort of career I want. Not everything has to be decided all at once. Some things are too delicate to rush into.

For now I’ll rush into the forest and work on forgiving myself for things that aren’t my fault. Work on saying sorry less and defending my actions more. Work on creating a sustainable aesthetic. Work on flushing out the negative to make room for the inevitable, eventual influx of positive. To voice things out loud, to write them down, is to make them real.

photographs taken in New York with a Yashica-D twin lens reflex. 




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