the day before.



This week arrived out of nowhere. This week! I’ve been waiting for this week for two years, for my entire life. I’ve been imagining the way it will go. I’m imagining the ways in which it will be important. I’ve been quiet about it. I’ve been letting it come to me; I haven’t gone out to seek it. And now it’s here, THE DAY BEFORE, and tomorrow it will be THE DAY and the next day will be THE DAY AFTER.

My first book, THE HALF LIFE OF MOLLY PIERCE, comes out tomorrow. I am eternally, stupidly, ridiculously grateful to every single person who has helped me along in this journey. And what a journey! What a week.

Please, if you have followed me and responded to my words, it would mean so much to me if you would order a copy of my book (and leave a review!) and help support what I have worked so hard for, always.

You have my immense gratitude.

The novel can be purchased here & here & here &, I’m sure, many other places.


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