murphy ranch, pt 2.

My words are being all used up in other places. For now, enjoy some photographs. A hike down to an abandoned nazi ranch. A bright spring day. A collection of graffiti. A world within a world… photographs taken at Murphy Ranch in Los Angeles, California Advertisements

first lines.

In November of 2012, I left New York City after three and a half years. I’m sure I’ve told the story on here before. I called my parents one afternoon, told them I was going to quit my job to write a book, and asked if I could move into their spare room. At the […]

in a museum.

  On Friday I bought cold pasta salad from the grocery store down the road and ate it in the parking lot with a plastic fork. My friend called to say hi. She said you sound better and I wondered: how did I sound before? I parked a quarter of a mile from the museum to save […]