a home in art.

What I miss most are the museums.

I spoke to a friend the other day about moving to Los Angeles.

She said—

I didn’t have anybody but I had a place. I went to the museum almost every day. I sometimes didn’t even look at the art. I just needed somewhere to go and I needed something familiar. 

You can make a museum yours.

You can shut everyone else out.

You can make a home in art.

That’s what I miss most.


photograph taken in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in  New York. 


3 thoughts on “a home in art.

  1. There is a unique atmosphere to a museum. There was one in a town near us in Sussex that I went to all the time.
    It never changed, but it was nice wandering around the quiet, wood-panelled rooms with their high ceilings and dusty glass cases full of stuffed animals, fossils, antique uniforms and portraits of long-forgotten town fathers. No matter how many times I went, I enjoyed the same peaceful feeling of being removed from the world, yet surrounded by time.

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