my molly & erie.




I wrote them before I met them.

I modeled Molly on the girl I wished I could be more like. Wittier and more charming and more outwardly put-together. We shared the same unpleasant thoughts at that age but Molly is so much better at hiding that darkness. I made her real and she was real in my brain and then I moved to California and suddenly she was real in real life, too. My Molly. I invented her and then I met her, and her name was actually Molly. She’s the twenty-three year old version of the main character of my book. She’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and not just because I knew her before I met her, not just because she was so exactly what I was envisioning. Some people say effortless, and sure, sure, she’s effortless. But what she has isn’t so easily describable.

And then I met Erie. Molly’s best friend, a blond California girl with a tendency to hide her emotions behind her home screen and an infectious laugh and an easy, open smile.

In real life, her name wasn’t Erie, but that might have been too weird.

My first book, THE HALF LIFE OF MOLLY PIERCE, comes out in four months exactly.

I’m at once ready, terrified, overwhelmed, ecstatic.

Here are some photographs of the real Molly Pierce. The Molly I envisioned. And her best friend, Erie.








photographs taken in Santa Monica, California, where the Erie of my dreams was born and the Erie of the real world currently lives.


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