sunken city.

  A rough few weeks and a city settling into spring. A Saturday free of any responsibility and a jump over a low stone wall, a shimmy underneath a hole in a fence where moments before a lifeguard’s truck stood sentry. S and I slipped our way down the side of a cliff to find ourselves […]

a home in art.

What I miss most are the museums. I spoke to a friend the other day about moving to Los Angeles. She said— I didn’t have anybody but I had a place. I went to the museum almost every day. I sometimes didn’t even look at the art. I just needed somewhere to go and I needed […]

my molly & erie.

  I wrote them before I met them. I modeled Molly on the girl I wished I could be more like. Wittier and more charming and more outwardly put-together. We shared the same unpleasant thoughts at that age but Molly is so much better at hiding that darkness. I made her real and she was […]


The beginning of March is washed away in thunderstorms and flash floods. My brother and his wife visit from San Francisco and the hail comes through the canvas roof of the restaurant, splashing in our coffee and covering us in mist. I take a video of rain rushing down the streets of West Hollywood—rivers of […]