someone comes around.


Every once in a while someone comes around.

You don’t know what it is. You don’t know when it will be. You don’t know anything.

You’re at a wedding in Vermont or in a college writing class or sitting by yourself on a park bench. You don’t know what it is about this person other than they suddenly invade your space. They are suddenly present in a world that—moments before—consisted only of you. You’re daydreaming, having your morning coffee, photographing flowers on a park bench. You’re by yourself and you’re happy that way and then suddenly you’re not, and you aren’t.

You don’t know what prompts this sudden change, this subtle shift in the way the planets are aligned. But the planets—they move. Your planets move. Your sky is different. Where it was sunny before, now clouds. Where it was grey, now sunshine.

Every once in a while someone comes around.

And they change your opinions. They change your mind. They change your outlook, maybe, or the way you thought about solitude. They offer you a glimpse at another way of being. Another way of seeing. Every once in a while—

It is very, very rare.

And you will know it when it happens. It will be the most obvious thing in the world. One minute is before. The next minute they are here and it is after. Your heart expands to let them in. Your brain, your skin, your knees, your fingernails… Everything adjusts itself.

Oh, you. I was waiting for you.

I didn’t know when you would arrive.

I don’t know how long I will know you.

But for however many years, however many months…

You’re here.

I’m so happy you’re here.

Every once in a while someone comes around.

Happy birthday, S. 



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