gabi & ali on the beach.

The weather in Santa Monica is unpredictable enough that when I pick the sisters up at their house it’s sunny and blue, and when we get to the beach the wind has picked up and our hair blows around our heads and pretty soon we’re freezing, my fingers so numb I can barely hit the […]

alana in her home.

It’s only seventeen minutes from Santa Monica to the Pacific Palisades but it feels wholly separate from Los Angeles, a hidden corner of the city flanked by mountains and greenery. It feels otherworldly—a place where your cell phone loses service and the cars thin out and it seems like there are only two roads, the […]


  The other night after work I spent hours cleaning my apartment. I’ve lived here for five months now—five months, it seems impossible—and there are still photographs unhung and one box of stubborn clothes and jewelry piled in desk drawers and cluttered shelves. I send my mother an email of the books I want her […]