in the desert, part one.

It’s been a year exactly since the last time I made the drive to Joshua Tree. S and I  plan to leave early on the day after Christmas, but it’s nearly ten by the time we drag ourselves out of the apartment, stopping for coffee and a picnic lunch before starting  east on our two plus hour […]

three times.

When my mother was younger, she was in a tornado. The thing picked up her car and spun it around and left it upside-down and crushed inward. Or something. Every time she tells the story, some small details change. It’s become a thing uncertain in my mind (and maybe a thing uncertain in her mind, […]

from grey to white.

Autumn in California is lonely and unassuming, warm in the sun and chilly in the shadows. I make pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving and no one eats it. I buy a new white dress and spill coffee all over it. I wash it in the bathroom sink. I get the galley copies of my book and […]