This weekend passed too quickly, a rush of good, happy people and guitar music and lots of food and drinks and a wedding that stretched into the night under a canopy of Christmas lights and photo booth portraits. S and I drove up on Friday afternoon, crawling our way through long-weekend traffic on the 405, him wondering what he would wear and me wondering what I would wear, each of us indecisive and traveling with our entire wardrobe piled up in the backseat. I had worked the past seven days in a row and it had been a long, weird, confusing stretch of days, with highs and lows that came quickly and unexpectedly: each trumping the other. High: book cover released to the world. Low: brand new car hit in the parking lot while S and I watched Gravity. High: two new pieces of cheaply thrifted furniture for my apartment. Low: birdshit on a newly washed car.

It’s been interesting moving to California—those highs and low are somehow more specifically felt, each new emotional corner is taken at high speeds with poor visibility. And time passes quickly over here: summer slipped away in an instant, weeks pass like days and hours are like blinks of an eye, an intake of breath. I’ve already started thinking of the holidays, the winter, my upcoming twenty-ninth birthday. And all the things I have to do, all the things I have to write. It’s impossible to keep my brain quiet, but I’m at least beginning to get used to the constant hum.



photographs taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


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