Everything lately feels like a rush. S picks me up from work. I know he wants to comment about how late I was leaving, about how many times he had to circle around the block before I came running down the escalator, almost tripping two separate times, holding my sunglasses to my face with my […]


A short and sweet photoshoot with the loveliest of ladies for Free People at Santa Monica Place. As usual, the outtakes are my favorite.  photographs taken in Santa Monica, California. 


In August my hair starts to grow back. I notice one morning after blow-drying it. My forehead is fringed with a thin layer of new, wispy bangs. There are one-inch strands of hair that start at my temples and curl upward over my cheekbones. I go and get a haircut. This is good, my hairdresser […]

big basin, part one.

I am the most at home among trees. I grew up around a lot of land. My father builds houses and we moved frequently but always to a new home with lots and lots of space around us. We’ve lived on wetlands and we’ve lived on the border of state forests and we’ve lived in […]