through big sur, part one.

Big Sur is blanketed in fog except for scattered mile-long stretches that open up and shine blue and green around us. We get up at six in the morning and drive without stopping until we reach a point where the Pacific is replaced by a thick carpet of cloud. S takes a picture of the […]

the quiraing.

The other week I wrote about impossible places and listed the Quiraing among them. That night I had a dream I flew back to Scotland. I landed in the grey and green streets of Edinburgh. I met a friend for tea. I’ve been back in the states just over two months. My time has been filled […]

a house in napa, part one.

Our house in Napa sits on top of a hill, five miles up the curviest road I’ve ever driven on. It’s missing guardrails and flanked on both sides by small patches of vineyards and private, appointment-only wineries. The house itself is set back from the road. Past the gated entry, we pass a solitary solar […]

the impossible places.

There is something about the Golden Gate bridge that could never possibly get old. There is the feeling, when you’re looking at it, that you could keep on looking at it forever. I thought I might have that same sensation when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time—and I did. And again when […]