some kind of warmth.



Amanda picked me up early yesterday morning and we set out with a full agenda (take photos for my book jacket, talk over possible revisions for our manuscript, catch up on each other’s lives, etc) that included a breakfast stop at my favorite place in Santa Monica, Huckleberry. After that we walked up and down Abbot Kinney but it was windy and grey outside; we headed further east to try and catch some sunshine.

We sat outside at a cafe for a full two hours, eating a cheese plate and salad and going over plot points for the manuscript we wrote together last summer. It’s almost time to take the next step with it and I’m struggling to find my character’s voice again. So strange how, a year ago, it was so easy. She’s eighteen, she’s a bit of a jerk, she’s overly confident and stylized to a fault, and she couldn’t be farther removed from where I am now. But she’s familiar still, somehow, and I know I’ll enjoy having her around again. Maybe she’ll be good for me.

S was late getting home and I stood in the kitchen while he made pasta and we talked about our plans for the weekend. Tomorrow: a hike. Tonight: undecided. Sunday: I don’t know. But I want some kind of sunshine, some kind of warmth.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 8.51.11 PM


photographs taken with a Canon 60D except for the photograph of me, taken by Amanda.


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