downtown dreams.


This weekend S and I met up with friends for brunch in downtown LA. I’ve only ever dipped in and out of that area and so have never really gotten a feel for it. After brunch we were able to walk through the Fashion District, through the Jewelry District (so reminiscent of New York’s diamond-filled 47th Street), through the Toy District and on to an enormous loft situated on the edge of the Arts District where our friends waited with an overflowing bowl of guacamole and some beers I still can’t drink. It was a hazy day, not overwhelmingly hot, and we stayed in the shade and let our gazes wander out over an indistinct, fuzzy city.

Today marks a week since I arrived in LA. I think my general mindset is slowly moving from extremely overwhelmed to frazzled to fairly calm. I’ve applied to a handful of jobs (including one in particular I’m really crossing my fingers about!) and ironed a suitcase full of clothes. I’ve bought a jug of carrot juice. I’ve made my favorite fake sausage for dinner. Last night I dreamt I hosted the Oscars. I wore a black dress I found at Goodwill. I was really, really terrible.

Last night we watched a complicated movie about time travel and S played some guitar before bed and we bought tickets to San Francisco to spend the fourth of July in Napa Valley. It’s grey again today and I’m back on the job hunt and back in the writing game, trying to turn out some content for my MA in creative writing. I’m waiting for some boxes to arrive from CT and later: a trip to TJ Maxx for a much-needed cutting board.

Also on the agenda: lots and lots of photos to edit, words to write, music to listen to, pasta to eat…

The hardest will be the words. They seem to be escaping me right now.



photographs taken with a Canon 60D. 


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