sun sun sun


This past weekend marked my first Coachella. I spent five nights up in Indio, returning with a weird triangle of sunburn on my right shoulder and a vicious stomach bug that forced me to delay my return to Scotland by two days. I’m back in Los Angeles now, windows open, laundry spinning, eating saltines and drinking blue gatorade and thinking about soup, my first meal in almost 48 hours.

If I could, I would stay in California, sipping Pepto Bismol until my stomach stopped twisting and reading YA books on S’s balcony. But tomorrow I’ll head back to Edinburgh for the last time. Then after that: somewhere else.

S took me to Pioneertown on our way to Indio. It was windy and a man doing caricatures told us we’d just missed a pair of roadrunners.

Here are the things I want to take with me, from here to there: blue skies, the sun, & S.




photographs taken at Pioneertown in the Morongo Basin, California

with a Canon 60D. 


2 thoughts on “sun sun sun

  1. Ah, so that’s why you’re not here. We’re all missing you!

    I’ve learned three new words from this post: Coachella, saltines, and gatorade, thanks to you and Google. I think the only other time I’ve heard of saltines was in The Handsome Family’s terrific song ‘Tesla’s Hotel Room’:

    (on cracking album, by the way: The Last Days of Wonder – you might like it.)

    Safe journey and ‘travelling mercies’ as my mum used to say.

    • Ken- I’m happy I could help expand your American lexicon! Saltines and Gatorade are the food of the sick, that’s for sure. I can’t stomach them any other time.

      Thanks for the well-wishes and the music! I really dig this song.

      See you Thursday!

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