thirty-one weeks gone.

I went for a walk today that closely mirrored a walk I took in September, just a few days after walking out of the airport to a raining, grey city. I don’t know how long it took- how many weeks and months and years, probably, before I managed to get myself on that plane. My mom […]

photo story/ coffee shop.

I took this photo the second summer I lived in New York. I’d just picked up my film camera again after many many years of neglect. I had basically no idea how to use it, aside for being able to read a light meter. This is still one of my favorite photographs from the four […]

thirty weeks gone.

There’s something weird about air travel, about the physical movement of bodies through space, about hours spent given up for lost, peering out oval windows or staring at little TV screens or trying to sleep or trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. If you’re lucky enough, you close your eyes in one state and open […]

eternal balance.

If there are categories of people in the world, there might only need to be two kinds: those who accept the happiness that comes to them and those who accept some or half or most of it but remain wary of the rest. They’re not convinced it’s genuine; they’re not convinced it’s something that will […]

sun sun sun

This past weekend marked my first Coachella. I spent five nights up in Indio, returning with a weird triangle of sunburn on my right shoulder and a vicious stomach bug that forced me to delay my return to Scotland by two days. I’m back in Los Angeles now, windows open, laundry spinning, eating saltines and […]