climbing to the window, pretending to dance.


No, he’ll skip Annie and Adam and just get a shotgun now and go to that farm on I-5 and shoot a bunch of stupid cows. Ha ha! They wouldn’t make it, anyway—so many animals are built to die. Maybe cut off their heads and hollow them out and wear one as a mask. Yes! Just for fun. Just to do it. The humidity inside one of those big heavy heads—he’d love to see what it’s like in there for a second. His clean hair would be covered in blood, his face wet, filthy from the stuff he didn’t scoop out before he put the fucking thing on.

text is from Dave Egger’s How We Are Hungry, which I am currently reading and recommending. 

photographs are taken with a Minolta X-700. I know, these are not horses. They are Highland cattle. This pair lives in San Francisco, California. 


2 thoughts on “climbing to the window, pretending to dance.

  1. Gahhh, I just adore your photos almost as much as I love your writing. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you study at University, and which Masters program are you currently studying? And has it all been enjoyable? I’m currently planning for more study and travel, and I’d just love to hear about your experience studying as a writer.


    • Ah! Of course I don’t mind. Actually I woke up feeling a little sick, a little tired, a little burnout, so to be honest it was very nice to wake to a bit of human interaction and interest in my life. So- thank you!

      At University in America (Connecticut) I studied English and creative writing at a big state university. It’s sort of incredible what kinds of people you’ll find in those places. It’s absolutely hit or miss but you can find really inspiring creative minds in a huge place that doesn’t necessarily have that sort of reputation.

      In Edinburgh I’m at Napier University doing their creative writing MA. It’s definitely been interesting studying in so small a group, because it’s very different than any way I’ve previously studied writing. I think there are pros and cons and I will definitely share them with you, if you’re interested! (Send me a message on Facebook with your email and we can chat more.)

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