twenty-two weeks gone.

My mom, on the phone, says I must be a carrier. Two people have gotten sick around me in two weeks. I’ve been taking lots of Vitamin C and I feel fine, so far. She laughs when she says it. She says I should start handing out those hospital masks before I let people into […]

photo story/ a heart in faerie glen.

According to legend, this place was once a home to faeries. Nowadays, more superstitious folk make rings to try and coax them out again. Or, if you’re both romantic AND superstitious, you make a faerie heart. February 16, 2013, A Heart in Faerie Glen taken with a Canon 60D and 24-105mm  f/4 lens ISO 640, 28mm, […]

to wit, the sun.

Generally it was maintained that a human factor overrode the mechanical process; upon closer inspection, a human mark, the trace of a cultural act, could be discerned. Alphonse Lamartine wrote one such apologia: initially he had condemned the photograph as abject, a plagiarism of nature, utterly soulless; after seeing the work of Adam Salomon, he […]

the isle of skye.

The Isle of Skye is shaped like a lobster, C says, and it is, really. I have no idea what to expect when I get here; I haven’t even seen it on a map. It’s nice to come to things like that, sometimes, with no prior knowledge and no clear understanding of what you’re getting […]

twenty-one weeks gone.

Saturday morning I wake up early, take the train from Edinburgh to Stirling, from Stirling to Perth. C meets me in the parking lot of the train station. Our rental car is sky blue; we manage to get lost almost immediately. The drive to the Isle of Skye takes five hours. It is grey the […]

photo story/ a sheep in skye.

  I took a lot of photographs of castles yesterday, a lot of photographs of mountains shrouded in mist, a lot of photographs of idyllic, reflective lochs… but when this guy raised his head and looked directly into my camera lens: all those other shots were forgotten. Look at this face. February 16, 2013, A […]