thirteen weeks gone.

There’s a song off Elliott Smith’s second posthumous record called Half Right. It’s about heroin and relationships (as far as all Elliott’s songs are about heroin and relationships) and I didn’t understand the lyrics until yesterday. I was sitting in a coffee shop finishing the last foamy bits of a latte and I was watching a little […]

twelve weeks gone.

A weekend of holiday parties is over. I let myself sleep in on Monday morning, turning off all my alarms before I fall asleep. This is a fairly unheard of luxury for me, as my body will sleep for indefinite periods of time without waking. I have to have an alarm or else suddenly it’s […]

Auschwitz/ Birkenau.

The first awful thing about Auschwitz is how pretty is it. We did Birkenau first, and that’s different. The barns are just barns, they could be anything. There are ruins and wide open spaces and people have laid roses over train tracks and where the beds used to be and everything is appropriately dark and quiet […]