On the rooftop.



LA is hot in a way that is direct and unabashed. The sun is always there, even at 7 at night, even sometimes at 8. It is there in the morning, filtering through Amanda’s sheer white curtains, and it is there in the middle of the day, when you duck out of the coffee shop and find yourself suddenly squinting, blinking, blind.

Amanda brings us up to her roof and tells us – you are in love now – and then hides behind her camera lens. Jacob is an actor. He takes my hand immediately and I feel that familiar flush of embarrassment, that reluctance to be photographed. I look at Amanda’s camera lens like it is betraying me. Jacob puts his hand on my head. Amanda says, Kate – can you stop scowling?

I didn’t know I was, I say. But this is a lie.



photography by Amanda Jane Shank.


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